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The source for Key Contacts in the FTSE 350, FTSE 250, FTSE 100, London Stock Exchange Companies, and Companies on AIM, the Alternative Investment Market.

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"Hi Clive, Hope you are well. 

I must say, the data you provided is extremely accurate and up to date - thank you again, we will look to use you again for future campaigns.

 Speaking of which, can you send me a sample of what the "In-house legal & counsel contacts" list looks like?  Many thanks!

Regards, Kevin Tate" DMC Business Machines plc

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Key Contacts in 500 Top Companies FTSE 350, AIM & other UK Listed Companies
Key Contacts in AIM Listed Companies
Key Contacts in FTSE 350 Companies (FTSE 250 & FTSE 100)
Key Contacts in FTSE SmallCap Companies
Key Contacts in UK Hedge Funds
Oil and Gas Producers  (Exploration, Production, Integrated Oil & Gas)
Key Contacts in Power & Energy Companies (Power, Oil Gas & Mining)
Key Contacts in Retail Companies
Key Contacts in Companies using SAP
Key Contacts in Technology Companies
Key Contacts in UK Utilities Companies (Gas, Electricity, Water & Sewerage)
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Chief Executives in FTSE 350, AIM & other UK Listed Companies
Chairman Contacts in FTSE 350, AIM & other UK Listed Companies
Company Secretaries in FTSE 350, AIM & other UK Listed Companies
Compliance Contacts in FTSE 350, AIM & other UK Listed Companies
Corporate Communications & Marketing Communications in FTSE 350, AIM & other UK Listed Companies
CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Contacts in FTSE 350, AIM & other UK Listed Companies
Customer Service Contacts in FTSE 350, AIM & other UK Listed Companies
e-commerce Contacts in FTSE 350, AIM & other UK Listed Companies
Events Officers / Contacts in FTSE 350, AIM & other UK Listed Companies
Facilities Managers & Directors in FTSE 350, AIM & other UK Listed Companies
Finance Directors & Managers in FTSE 350, AIM & other UK Listed Companies
Government Relations & Government Affairs Contacts in FTSE 350 Companies
Health & Safety Contacts in FTSE 350, AIM & other UK Listed Companies
HR Contacts in FTSE 350, AIM & other UK Listed Companies
In-House Legal & Counsel in FTSE 350, AIM & other UK Listed Companies
Investor Relations Contacts in FTSE 350, AIM & other UK Listed Companies
IT Contacts in FTSE 350, AIM & other UK Listed Companies
IT Security & Network Administrator Contacts in FTSE 350, AIM & other UK Listed Companies
Marketing Managers & Directors in FTSE 350, AIM & other UK Listed Companies
Non Executive Director Contacts in FTSE 350, AIM & other UK Listed Companies
Pensions Contacts in FTSE 350, AIM & other UK Listed Companies
Personal Assistants (PAs) in FTSE 350, AIM & other UK Listed Companies
Purchasing & Procurement Contacts in FTSE 350, AIM & other UK Listed Companies
Risk & Security Contacts in FTSE 350, AIM & other UK Listed Companies
Sales Managers & Directors in FTSE 350, AIM & other UK Listed Companies
Tax & VAT Contacts in FTSE 350, AIM & other UK Listed Companies
Training Contacts in FTSE 350, AIM & other UK Listed Companies

We have Lists of Key Contacts in NHS Trusts:

Chief Executives in NHS Trusts, Chairman Contacts in NHS Trusts, Facilities Contacts in NHS Trusts, Finance Managers & Directors in NHS Trusts, HR Contacts in NHS TrustsIT Contacts in NHS Trusts, Contacts in NHS Trusts,  Operations Directors / Head of in NHS Trusts, Purchasing & Procurement Contacts in NHS Trusts

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Other Services - Data-Broking if you are unable to find what you are looking for on our site, contact us and we will try to find it for you.

We purchased our contacts database from XLData understanding that we would be able to contact the top 501 companies - this certainly paid off! We have now made contact with the right people in the right positions.

 Richard Mole, Marketing and Sponsorship Manager, LGA

Local Government Association

We regularly buy data to add to our inhouse database, and the data from XLData has always been accurate and up to date. The service is also excellent.

Peter Meherne, Plain Words Limited

In any business, driving new sales is perhaps the biggest challenge facing business leaders. XLData provide us with the tools that enable us to meet this key challenge. Consistently over the years, XLData have provided us with excellent service in the supply of data for our telemarketing team. Their data is very up to date and accurate allowing us to finely target our new business opportunities. From a usability point of view, the data is extremely easy to work with coupled with fantastic support and regular updates.

Chris Read, Dunstan Thomas Ltd

XLData may not be the cheapest lists you can buy the maxim 'you get what you pay for' definitely applies. Too many list providers sell out of date lists with a high wastage factor. XLData sell up to date lists - they are high quality and deliver results".

Denzil Lee, Managing Director, Next Step Marketing Ltd

"XLData has provided Energy Solutions with our most productive lists. The AIM list paid for itself on the second phone call - and we still have a lot more companies to call"

Nick Grogan, Energy Solutions www.energybrokers.co.uk

There is a lot that can be done to increase sales prospecting effectiveness. Perhaps the single most important factor is to make sure that you only call people who have a need for what you are selling. If you have bread to sell and only call on hungry people, you are probably going to make some sales. Obtaining a good list is an essential first step in any marketing initiative. We used an XLData list for a specific campaign because the data had been recently cleaned and the list was a good match for our target audience. The data proved to be accurate and current and we were very pleased with the results.

Clive Miller, Managing Partner, Sales Sense.

We found the XLData list to be accurate and up-to-date. A lot of cowboys in this market but we would highly recommend XLData as a supplier of high quality contact lists.

John Gerard, SolutionBox LLP

The data we bought from XLData was up-to-date, accurate, reasonably priced and effective. Their service was first class too. What more can you ask for?

Greg Watts, Oxford Computer Group

I found the lists XLData supply to be excellent value, relevant and accurate. Their customer service, and regular updates makes it a pleasure to deal with them.

Jane Frankland, Corsaire Limited

I have been delighted with the quality of XLData’s lists and with the service they offer.

Jonathan Sindall, Director, Sindall Jackson Assoc Ltd

We have been purchasing data and contact lists for a few years. Thank you for providing such a fast, efficient and very courteous service, supplying data for our business. In dealing with XLData we have found that we have created a true partnership rather than just another supplier of data. Please would you pass on our thanks and regards to the team.

Tom O'Connor,  Digicore Ltd.

Thank you for the comprehensive list of contacts I purchased through your company recently, the information was very good, it contains all the relevant information and has been of help in terms of saving a lot of time and effort in finding the right people to contact.

Kind regards Carl Thomson, Managing Director, Salesforce Recruitment Ltd

The lists you supplied to us proved to be very accurate & we have obtained a good level of business from them. We will be purchasing further lists from you. Thankyou.

Michael Butler Director Bath Abbott Corporate Hospitality







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For help please call us on:  01202 729 888 or email: clive.brown@xldata.co.uk


May I take this opportunity to let you know that the data you supplied has been fantastic.

I have had lots of forward bookings for my training workshops and the accuracy of the data is second to none.

Kind regards, Alex Incorporated PR

‘XL Data have provided the best databases that I have used in over 30 years in sales & marketing.

I have made inroads into many companies in the FTSE 350 index, many of which will not accept cold telephone calls or e-mails.

 XL Data’s key to success is the accuracy of the data which is continually being updated’  - Peter Jones  Sales Manager Enersol Flomar

"XLData provided me with a superb contact list of just the right people for the research component of my MBA. The data quality was very high, and up to date. Clive's personal touch to verify my exact needs ensured highly relevant contacts. Thoroughly recommended. Derek Atkinson."

We recently purchased an XLData contact list and used it for various marketing campaigns with a fantastic response, which has provided us with some great new business!

Sharon Bell, Walking Tall.

Review from SABMiller plc Investor Relations:

As a FTSE 30 company, we rely on up-to-date information on other FTSE companies and our competitors. We are constantly requiring professional services from reputable companies and organisations, on an international level. I can highly recommend XLData in terms of their professional service levels, customisation of information required, reliability and timely delivery of information requested. Their after-sale service standards are also very high.

The data I received from XLData was first rate, and I wouldn't hesitate to use them again. It was up-to-date, and in an incredibly useable format.

James Francis, RNID

We approached XLData to assist with a mailing list for a specific one-off project. They responded very quickly and efficiently with quality current data. We were able to target our mailing carefully and successfully.

Mathew Edmett, Finance Director, Jarvis Securities plc

The quality of data received from XLData was fantastic. The speed with which the data was delivered was also great. I would recommend XL Data and will most definitely use again.

Nicki Walker, Viglen Ltd

It’s a rare occasion when the quality of the data that you receive matches the sales hype that preceded it. XLData matched my expectations – the data was accurate and copious – and their customer services programme and regular updates thereafter made it a pleasure to deal with them.

 Kyle Truman, Marketing Director. epyx Limited

We have found the data supplied to be accurate, up-to-date and reasonably priced. We have constantly achieved above average response rates for campaigns using contact data supplied by XLData.

Tim Harper Momentum

We have been buying lists from XLData both for our clients and our own marketing campaigns, and we have been consistently impressed by the speed of service and the quality and reliability of the data.

Annick Devillard, Director, The Rooster Ltd

We purchased your database after having tried a numerous other sources and had found them to be unreliable. Your data is accurate and has generated leads which will lead to new business for us. So again thanks on supplying a  great list. 

Lars Clausen, MD, DCG Media Ltd

XLData’s lists are comprehensive, laid out intelligently and easy to use. Their regular updates instill me with confidence

Chris Chappell, Lighthouse

We have used XLData lists for our location targeted marketing of our training programmes and events. They come to us in a totally useable format and have proved both time-saving and effective.

Teresa Ward, Director TWC Events www.twcevents.co.uk

Having purchased Contact Lists from XLData, I have found that the lists have been of a very high standard with up to date contact information, and they have given me a very useful target audience which I can sell to.

Danny Hyett,  Sales Manager – Universal Security

Websearch Resourcing found the HR and IT contact lists supplied by XLData to be of a very high quality and they generated enough new business for us to more than justify the reasonable initial outlay. Hope it helps!

Shirley Brzeski Websearch Jobs

I found the lists from XLData to be excellent value and it’s refreshing to get a contact list that you can confidently use knowing it’s relevant and accurate.

Bill Donaldson, T2 Solutions

We run a niche professional services business, consequently our marketing activities need to find exactly the right people in the right industries. XLData are a trusted partner for us in getting this data. In our experience contacts are up-to-date and accurate. Where we have specific requirements, Clive and his team have tailored their search to meet our needs. I would have no hesitation in recommending them.

Conall Platts, C.Psychol. Managing Consultant, Working Psychology Ltd

We initially contacted XL Data in June 06 after locating them via a search on Google. XLData offer a friendly service, with straightforward pricing. MJF had in the past wasted time, effort and money buying more expensive data that was not nearly as accurate or up to date. The success of our initial campaign means that that MJF look forward to working with XLData for future campaigns.

Arnie Glausiusz, MJF Commercial Removal Services

XLData were very prompt in their delivery of their data. The list provided was accurate and proved very useful for our business operations. Thumbs up.

Lee Sam, Scom Group

Having worked with XLData over the past couple of years, I have always found the lists provided by XLData to be both accurate and consistent with the criteria we specified. Additionally we know their delivery times and turnaround of requests to be excellent, an important factor when dealing with clients of our own.

Dean Faulkner, Director - RKRM Ltd

Quality of the lists were as good as you are able to purchase from the well known names, main difference being they cost a lot less. The updates are very useful, as they are accurate.

Lawrence Shaw, SiteMorse™

I used XLData services for a targeted marketing campaign where I needed a fresh audience to target with direct mail. The data I received was up-to-date and accurate and the response to my enquiry was exceptionally quick. XLData was co-operative, making sure I got the data I needed and all its intricate requirements.

Lindsay Renton, API Software

I have used XLData on two occasions when developing/expanding into new business areas. Both times the quality of the contacts and the relative ease with which the data can instantly be mined and used has significantly helped in the speed and effectiveness of identifying and winning business. As and when appropriate I would have no hesitations in using this service again for future campaigns, or recommending XLData.

Roy O'Brien Business Development Director Proxime Ltd

Working in enterprise sales in the telecoms industry I have found these databases of considerable value enabling us to make contact with telecoms, IT and purchasing managers in companies with whom we may not currently be trading.

Eoin Jennings,  Enterprise Sales,  VSNL International

Great service and extremely accurate data, I would not have any hesitation in ordering more contact lists from XLData.

Ian Jordan, Bulldog Security Products Ltd

I have for many years used XLData. They provide quality data that is specific to my needs, up to date and easy to use. Delivery is swift and the after sales service is excellent. I would recommend this service!

David Spencer-Percival, Managing Director, Huntress Search

We found the contact lists purchased from XLData extremely useful. They helped us to build a stronger customer database.

Tom Wilson, Purple Griffon Limited

"Hi Clive, Hope you are well. I must say, the data you provided is extremely accurate and up to date - thank you again, we will look to use you again for future campaigns.

 Speaking of which, can you send me a sample of what the "In-house legal & counsel contacts" list looks like?  Many thanks! Regards, Kevin Tate" DMC Business Machines plc

"Thanks Clive. I like the way you work. I appreciate your way of working. It is really quick, perfect and reliable."

Jeelani Khursheed, Executive - Business Development. Cranes Software.

At Headlamps Ltd we have been using XLData for two years. We have been particularly impressed with the quality of the Purchasing and Facility Managers List

Martin Deal, Director, Headlamps Ltd

"Hi Clive. The first list we bought from you worked very well and we are getting business from it; almost more than we can handle! take care." Keith - Keith Carman Photography


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